In an effort to support users who may be developing a gambling addiction, TheScoreBet has introduced a program called Bet Mode Responsibly.

There has been some controversy surrounding Ontario’s regulated internet gambling industry, which has only been open for about two months.

TheScore, a Canadian esports media company, has launched a new initiative called Bet Mode Responsibly to help people avoid the negative consequences of gambling excessively.


The Smarter Betting Hotline, provided by Bet Mode Responsibly, is where gamblers may get information on setting financial limits in order to have a more enjoyable experience at the tables.


Rex Lee, Susie Essman, and Gerry Dee provide advice on how to have fun while gambling in a promotional film for the Smarter Betting Hotline.


Executive Vice President of Marketing and Content at theScore Aubrey Levy stressed the need of taking a stand against problem gambling for the long-term success of the industry and the safety of its players. According to her, “Responsible gaming and player education is embedded into our entire operation and it was important for us to roll out a dedicated RG campaign in connection with our Ontario launch.”


Gambling addiction is something Bet Mode Responsibly wants to help you avoid and overcome.

The major objective of the campaign is to disseminate information about the dangers of gambling in Ontario in the hopes that fewer people would develop gambling addictions as a result.


The campaign has the backing of the National Council on Problem Gambling and the Responsible Gambling Council. TheScore Bet has formed an alliance with them to better understand the issues at hand and respond swiftly and efficiently.


Company efforts to educate customers on the perils of compulsive gambling and provide resources to help them stop the habit have been lauded by Responsible Gambling Council CEO Shelly White

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